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Avian Sales & Service is a specialised local manufacturer of Plasticising Screws and Plasticising Barrels for the plastics industry located in Sydney. With a capacity of up to 6M in length, we can handle just about anything the market has to offer.

As well as manufacture, we also recondition and refurbish plasticing screws and barrels to bring your old, worn out equipment back to life.

To supplement this we manufacture a full range of Smearhead assemblies (non return valves), barrel end adaptors, nozzles, tiebars and other various equipment required by your plastic processsing machinery.

Granulator blades and industrial knives are manufactured and Sharpened on site and we have many various models and sizes in stock.

With a quick turn around time, we can get you back into production.


Avian Sales & Service is a manufacturer and distributor of size reduction equipment, such as Granulators, Single Shaft Shredders,Twin Shaft Shredders and Pulverises for the plastics and recycling industries.

Standard Granulators range from 0.75KW (1HP) to 225KW (300HP)

From Low Speed, to Medium speed, to High speed.

Our Granulators range from small beside the press Granulators, to large heavy duty centralised Granulators used in recycling.

They can accept purgings, pipe, film, sheet and many other materials.

Avian Granulators are sold world-wide and are one of the leaders when it comes to size reduction.




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