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The pulveriser range is designed for the pulverising of semi-rigid, brittle and impact resistant materials where a powdered product is required. Granulate of size 6-8mm is fed via a vibratory feeder to the rotating, high speed serrated discs to produce a powder product in the required 300-1000 micron range and where the final size is determined by the adjustable disc spacing. Typical applications are pulverising of LDPE, HDPE, UPVC, PC and various other materials.








        GL Series Low Speed Granulator data:










       Motor (Kw)




      Weight (kg)




      Flexible PVC

             200 kg/hr

          400-500 kg/hr

         800-1000 kg/hr

       Rigid PVC

             250 kg/hr

          450-600 kg/hr

         900-1100 kg/hr


            120 kg/hr

          250-300 kg/hr

         400-500 kg/hr