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Plasticising Barrels

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Plasticising Barrels

Avian Sales & Service Pty Ltd is an Australian manufacturer of Plastising Barrels for the injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion industries.

With over 25 years experience in this field, we have built a wealth of knowledge and skills required to get the job done.

Our locally manufactured Double Nitrided Barrels are manufactured from high quality imported steels. We can manufacture a range of Barrels from standard barrels to suit single flighted screws, water and oil cooled barrels to vented Barrels for two stage screws.

Our imported Bi-Metal Barrels are manufactured at Wexco, who are located in Virginia in the USA. We can either bring in the complete Barrel, or bring in the Barrel blank and finish the machining at our facility in Sydney, which ever is more cost and time effective.

We offer a range of Bi-Metal linings to suit your individual requirements such as Wexco 555, Wexco 666, Wexco 777 and Durocast.

Supply us with your requirements, and we will supply you with the correct Barrel.